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Birthing Star

A new dawn of awareness, rising through

the deep celestial waves.

Rebirthing creative impulse, light working seed,

that  flows through rays of realization

for the coming of the new you. Honor the light

within your very own soul and find relatedness

in the sacred dance & the Milky Way.

Also good news for baby on the way. Seek to:

Whale- the Ancestors; Dragonfly- your Guardians;

Snake – transmute; Butterfly- transform;

Sunflower- nurture birthing & blossom!


find full image at the Gallery 2009- 2017:


Some of you had heard of my transitional journeys and move to the Birthing Star Land in Haliburthon Highlands this spring.

It has been a long straggling, healing and beautiful journey of finding this sacred place where I can gracefully continue my spiritual journeys with the Earth; expend my family while rooting in the way of sustainable leaving; the creation & support of many visual and sacred arts that we explore…

Here are two links where I share my story in detail:

One is on my Whirling Wisdom Newsletter:

And the other is at the issue of Aontacht , the theme is on Celestial Spirituality and I am on the pages of the feature interview. 

It is the Spring/ Fall Equinox issue, now online at

At this transitional “doorway” I also feel it is time to find guardians to some of my original artworks, share my blessings with the community and present my offerings. With my FUNDRAISING ART SALE I am hoping to reach even closer to you, synchronizing our sacred journeys, and in same time help me with the great cost that are involved at initiating my transition and begin building and co-creating with this pristine NewLand!

If you resonate with my artworks truth, now is a good time to expend your art collection or present a gift, to someone special…

My offer is %50 or more, off all my original artworks that are available for purchase. The designated time interval for this SALE is ONLY BETWEEN:

April 27 until May 12, 2013

Opening/Reception days are: April 27 & 28th, from 11am until 5pm

Everyone are welcome to come in and see the originals in person between these hours. All the other days are by appointment.

You can e-mail me at:

Or reach me at: Ph. 416. 604-8471

The display of the artwork will be from my home studio location:

70 Old Mill Dr.#5 (which is two streets west off Jane and Bloor St, subway)

Once ‘in time’- fundrasing presentation copy 2

With this invitation I am sending my PowerPoint presentation” Once “in time”-fundraising presentation” (find/select above) . All of the Artworks are here chronologically outlined with image, medium, and dimension. As well as the original cost and the offering sale price!

I hope you will find a moment to look into my offerings and they speak to you as much as I enjoyed creating them.

I will also have a selection of limited edition “matted signature’ prints from my most popular images for sale.

Do forward my PowerPoint and invitation to the one you think might appreciate an original artwork with a touch of sacredness. Some of my paintings could also grace a nice yoga studio, holistic centre or family/community centre.

I hope you share with friends and relatives these art creations are seeking for a NewHome!

Bright Blessings

In service

Biljana Banchotova
Soul Artwork that inspire vision, find collective light and planetary healing!
Visionary Artist, Intuitive, Artist Educator
Creative Founding Director @
Whirling Wisdom Creations
Ph. 416.604-8471

Easter blessing~


The Higher Self being freed, from the thought

into the creative flow of

vision & ascension~

Her hands in openness

embracing the eyes of the Eagle at the Crown

-centred in the Heart!

you see the “life force” – the soul journeying

(on the right of her) her spirit form 

facing the eye of the Horse. The teacher.

Celebrating Ester with this image reminds me of 

the old ways & the Goddess Ishtar.

Who represented fertility to the people and

intimste revelations…

freely bestowed my Divine rights!

-The Artist 


Celestial reflections on the equinox doorway, March/April, 2013

Hello Everyone~

To further the insight of Divine Balance while embracing ascension, I would like to shine some more light and wisdom on the present celestial influences… along share the vision and sacred teachings of my visionary art: “At the Doorway of Anubis”

Full Moon in Libra stresses the importance of “owning” our visions, your highest expressions of Divine truth, your passions and how well you are grounded in it!

In other words as light workers of inter-dimensional journey we are on a road of constant “testing” by outer influences.

One must “fine tune” his/her visions, the one that speak of understanding personal truth trough deep relations with Divine lows of harmony.

Then shot forward on the spiral of accelerated thinking and life movements to evolution. One must also seek a way of collectively grounding the truth and trust in it, which will lead us to finding collective ascension.

There is a truth in way the scale of Balance is in fragile sensitivity of movement. We are mostly guided by the emotional and physic senses by the given moment, rarely we look around and listen to Gaia, ground with Gaia’s guidance and deep wisdom, stand in balance with Gaia.

When clear on the road, as “path finder”, your responsibility is to lead on (this is a good timing/we are entering the domain of Aries) with passion, with creative fire, juggling our way of understanding, while centered in the light. The power of clarity, with straight and integrity will weave on; gradually reflect on the bigger picture of all matters, all in its sacred timing around the movement of the seasonal cycles…

EVERYONE is heading towards the ‘doorway of accentuation/transition’…. I wish you all met the ‘doorkeeper’ with ease and continue our light-working ways in the abundance of life. Here as a blessing, I offer you the visionary image of sacred teachings that originate from ancient Egypt linage with much light and symbolism- as a ‘key’ to the Doorway…a sacred passage of initiated celestial being…. (The 7 rays are marking the initiation of the pyramid there fore our back bone (which is the Staff of the Ankh crass, on it you see the fragile scale of balance) /our cundalini/life force energy in harmony with the ekashic knowledge imprinted within the fibers/ pages of every human ‘book of the living’. This is our Fibonacci spiral, painted with the indigo ray.  In the Orbs ‘everywhere’ you find the other symbols/key/tools to synchronize each step towards Osiris/ the Creator…within (also remember that this initiation was practiced by the Ancients Collectively while embodying the inter-dimensional travels) ~ “At The Doorway of Anubis” ~

May we find ascension at this sacred doorway of changing of the seasons, giveaway to the “end of winter”, (to old cycles, way of thinking, patterns that no longer serve us) then gracefully completing of the cycles; trust in the beginning of spring, welcome fresh thought, conscious change and aim for clear vision. We have planted the seeds in Pisces (or just beginning) now is up to us what we feed them with. That will determine the way will grow and produce fruit.

As the sun slowly increases its presence may we find the opening of the heart in grant ways, expanding like never felt before, exploring deeper the inner rhythms, while embracing the Birthing energies of our NEW EARTH!

In prayer,

Biljana “Birthing Star”


Celestial Spirituality- feature interview~

I would like to  introduce you to the Aontacht, the global magazine of the Druidic Dawn 

The theme for this issue of Aontacht is Celestial Spirituality and I am on the pages of the feature interview. 
I hope it serves you and expand your circle of “relatedness”~

It is the Spring/ Fall Equinox issue, now online at
 It’s website on Druidry and Celtic Spirituality is one of the largest and most diverse in the world. 

Feature articles include Sighthill Stone Circle by Duncan Lunan, Celtic Cosmology by Luke Eastwood, Ravished by the Light by Lucie Mai DuFresne, The Goddess Chronicles by Sofia Dabalsa, The Elora Tarot Project by Shelley Carter and The Tale of the Holly King and the Oak King by Franco Mintal.

blessed be~
in “Divine Play”

‘Birthing Star’ Land~ Whirling Wisdom Newsletter

Dear One, 

I appreciate this long time celebration of Valentine’s Day. I like how it is inviting everyone to celebrate in the name of Love. Love comes in many forms, names, stories, landscapes and skies. I hope you all had mindful presence with it and share in the Spirit with a beloved one.

I would like to take this opportunity and share some good news that has been working its way through. My love for Nature; praying & celebrating in its name; the Goddess of harmonious connectedness through the Earth- has found its place in my home. My partner & I are being blessed. We now consider ourselves proud guardians of 28 pristine acres of land, in Halliburton Highlands, near Crown Land.

 Every cell of my body is in celebration of this sacred union. We call it Birthing Star Land!

Our goal is to work our way through so that we move in by springtime. Build our trails towards sustainable living & aim in the support and creation of all sacred & artful expressions.

At the beginning I feel a new kind of energy infused with light & love that has been forming and slowly showing its divine glow. I am so excited to learn and deepen my ways of listening to the language of nature. Stand with it, while finding our way! I feel we all need to remember to make a space within us, for the Nature to find its way through. All that we promote and do in life is to be in harmony and total respect with all living things- if we are to bring Mother Earth back to balance. I believe in permaculture and the networking webs and pathways that can support one another. That can produce life & food, & light and eco- systems that speak with a creative spark. A place to invite ferries too. Similar to the one of the Birthing Star’s image of  geometrical energy forms. I feel this place is within each of us!

 I encourage you to spend time outdoors and find a special place/someone.

I had a gift for my Trevor on Happy Valentines and I gave it a title: “The Rotation of the Earth”, speaks of the trinity in life-  the image of the painting bellow. I worked with acrylic while producing this piece and is the second from the collection of the series titled: “Divine Play”

“The Rotation of the Earth”

acrylic on canvas, 36″x30″, 2013

available to purchase in print format:

This one makes me lough!

I invite you to ponder on its many aspects of telling- even if the Earth is too slow moving to be noticed …J

I hope you appreciate my offerings and sharing of art & weaving life. I hear the Whirling Wisdom on the Wind, when I am open & listening for it. Sometimes it awakens me when I sleep~

At this remaining  cupola months of transition. I like to send forth to the one interested —-these tree Calles:

Hand Drum Making workshop

The first one is Hand Drum Making workshop. I have some Deer hides and nice cedar round frames to work with. This is for the one that feels calling to journey with rhythm and sing songs. Also learn some medicine songs. The workshop will be in ceremonial fashion and there will be day of initiation of the Drum People. I am calling this workshop towards the and of February, beginning of March. Let me know if you are interested, I will work  with up to four participants. Sacred teachings on the Drum will follow, that come from First Nations wisdoms. Workshop investment, $150 

 Artist of the Soul, painting session

This is guided intuitive & skillful process. You can find the outlined rhythms of this work, supplies and investment on my News Blog (at workshops category):

Again I would like to hear if you are considering embracing this sacred work & journey. I have a space for most 3 participants.

At last, but not least, stay toned to my


 This will be first & one of its kind. Late in March, early April there will be designated days when all of my original paintings, that I have available for sale will be offered from %50 to %75 off its original price. This is a great time to extend your art collection, buy one if it brings you truth or offer to a friend.

All funds will go towards our transition on the Land. Invested in the spirit of light working and down to basic list of tools; supplies; seeds; solar panels; …EST. I will be e-mailing outlined list for the one that has one for sale, or spare, or trade.

In the mean time I will be engaged in tending the Birthing Star Fire with my family. I am already anticipating the day when you can visit us on the land. We are most open to continue our conversing as a community; in a way that we can all further explore, share, heal & celebrate.

With this Land there is a new hope for me. On it I see manifesting space that will support all cultures and sacred traditions. There will be studio for diverse art forms, painting, sculpting, stain glass est. communal spaces, sacred lodges; tree houses; gardening; straw bale accommodations, art trailer…for the main home structure we are planning to work with rad granet rock. There is in abundance on the land- mostly we intend to build with materials from our land perimetersJ

The list will go on & on as we count the days of the upcoming years and plenty of fruitful work. If you are the one who loves to spend some time in Nature, you are invited to talk to us will have many initiatives on the go…


Biljana Birthing Star

Biljana ‘Birthing Star’: is a Visionary painter, intuitive, soul canceller, and creative founding director at Whirling Wisdom Creations. Keeper of the Birthing Star Land in Halliburton Highlands dedicated to sustainable leaving, creative arts & journeying. She is also certified Artist Educator; sacred arts facilitator; Drum keeper & guardian of World Water altar. Find her at:

Fell Invited to forward to Newsletter with whomever you think appropriate.

To be removed from this mailing list, you may e-mail at birthing 



Find your soul

Find Your Soul in your heart, a new Kindle e-book by Hilary Bowring: Find your soul in your heart, realize your highest soul purpose….

Description..We are in the middle of an evolutionary shift in human consciousness, from being centred on individualism
to realize we are all part of One consciousness. In the transition many people are confused, stressed out under pressure. How would you like to move through these challenges with ease and trust? In Find your Soul you learn how to flow and benefit from this shift-because you find how to connect with your soul purpose and discover your role in the evolutionary plan. Then
synchronicities and miracles pave your way forward. This book helps you open your heart and align with your soul using self transforming exercises and heart-centred meditations. The meditations are powerful, and with regular practice we find our soul in the silence, listen to its wisdom and follow the guidance on a daily basis. Gradually our soul purpose is revealed and we flourish in a new reality, organically expanding with love and gratitude.


To purchase the book: Available in Amazon Kindle stores worldwide,, .ca, .uk etc for $8.97 USD–If you don’t have a kindle tablet, no worries-you can download a free kindle reader for PC or Mac, iPad, iPhone, android device, Blackberry or Windows phone 7–you can download immediately from Amazon. To purchase the book click




By: Hilary Bowring

offer ‘your gift’ with sacredness~


You may find me at the “Artisans’ Gift Fair”
December.2 (Sun)  – At The Tranzac12:00 to 6:00pm
Free admition: 292 Brunswick Av.
and at LucSculpture Gallery“Art & Craft Show”
December 8 (Sat), 10:00 to 18:00pm 
December 9 (Sun), 13:00 to 17:00pm
free admition: 663 Greenwood Ave. at Danforth
I invite you look into my Whirling Wisdom Art Creations
and receive the blessings from the visionary images.
The stories have manifested abundance and transformed my life.
~I offer selection of Greeting Cards: 

“greetings with Whirling Wisdom… your spoken words of the Creator within…”

assorted Wisdom Cards with envelopes. All assembled and signed by the ArtistCards are all blank inside.

Each card is 5.25” x 7.25” (13.3 x 18.4 cm) and comes with an envelope.

~ Signature Matted Art Prints 
The images are high resolution print on classy photo paper; matted on a 12 x 16 inch paper: acid free, archival safe, PVV free.
~ DVD “Life’s Prayer”

…is an invocation and a unique experience

of soul medicine journeys

from within Cosmic relatedness.

Biljana Banchotova’s visionary artworks and ceremony

guide us through a harmonious place of sacredness,

unity and feminine Wisdom.

Mystical journey of a Divine Opening

and ascension in Light, Love & Consciousness

…………………………………may it be born!

~For THE LOVERS OF MUSIC we offer:

‘One of a Kind” Whirling Wisdom Didgeridoos.

 After carefully crafting this wind instrument with whirling and fire infusions we take the time in tuning it to the musical scale and chakra corresponding frequencies. After the creation processes, each Didge is initiated individually  by ‘dreaming in’ Whirling Wisdom Art Designs~

Please know that the products can be also purchased On Line All Year Round:) 

at Whirling Wisdom Online Store:

I will be present at the Art Fairs and looking forward in seeing you~

Biljana ‘Birthing Star’

Art Vending event at the Traditional Awareness Gathering

Dear Community

I will be vending with my Whirling Wisdom Art Creations and Didgeridoos.
(sharing a table with Lunae Healing Arts- therapeutic/crystal jewellery collections)at the same time supporting the Traditional Awareness Gathering that is happening this Saturday
October 27, 2012 at the Native Canadian Center in Toronto

Located just north of Spadina subway station
16 Spadina Rd
Toronto, ON M5R 2S7, Canada

The vending hours will be 9am until 5pm
I offer selection of matted signature Art Prints, Greeting Cards, “Life’s Prayer” DVD
‘one of a kind’ hand crafted and painted Didgeridoos;
and Medicine Wheel Tipi” original painting.
My hope is that the artwork will speak to you in sacredness and divine weaving
blessings for your home, friends and family~

Bellow is the event schedule.
For more information on the vending you can reach me at
for more info. on the gathering you can reach the Center at:

Traditional Awareness Gathering – October 27th, 2012 7:00am – 9:00pm
Come and join us at our 26th Annual Traditional Awareness Gathering!
7:00am-8:00am Sunrise Ceremony w/ Clayton Shirt- Traditional Teacher
8:00am-9:00am Breakfast*
9:00am-9:30am Opening Ceremonies
9:30am-10:30am Sacred Bundle Teachings w/ Jacquie LaValley – Elder/Traditional Teacher
10:45am-11:45am Eagle Staff Teachings w/ Cat Crieger – Traditional Teacher
12:00pm-12:45pm Lunch BBQ Fundraiser
1:00pm-2:45pm Water Teachings (Women) w/ Pauline Shirt – Elder /Traditional Teacher/ Grandmother
1:00pm-2:45pm Big Drum Teachings (Men) w/ Farley Eaglespeaker – Traditional Teacher
3:00pm-4:45pm Medicine Wheel Teachings w/ Vivian Recollect – Traditional Teacher
3:00pm-4:45pm Seer Lorraine Hughes
5:00pm-5:30pm Closing Ceremonies
5:30pm-6:30pm Dinner*
7:00pm-9:00pm Community Social
Adult – $10.00
Youth & Senior – $5.00
Children Under 12 – FREE
NCCT Members get 40% OFF Admission
Breakfast & Dinner Are Included In Admission Price*

 Celebrateing the Oneness

Biljana Banchotova
Birthing Star

Contemporary Soul Visionary ART
Creative Founding Director, Visionary Artist, Intuitive
& Artist Educator @
Whirling Wisdom Creations
Ph. 416.604-8471

International Contemporary Artists

I am happy to share with the world!!
Biljana Art has been featured at
International Contemporary Artists, Vol IV- ICA Publishing, 2012
full page representation and to purchase the book you may go to the direct link: